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  • Personal Care and Compassion for Self in a Demanding Time

    This post will be quite a lot briefer than my usual posts, because I’m away from the office for a couple of days, engaging in some activities involving compassion for self.

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    I felt that it was important to take a couple of days with a different rhythm, because I’ve been pretty busy over the last while. So, I’m catching up on a couple of professional requirements, and also taking time to do some things that are concretely important for me.

    As I’m taking this time, I’m reflecting quite a bit on compassion for self. It’s a phrase that we hear quite frequently in therapy and other circles nowadays, with many therapists, self-help authors and authorities of different types urging us to have compassion for self. On the whole, it seems to me that this emphasis is a very good thing.

    The very best of therapy has always emphasized self compassion (as Jung certainly did). Yet the fact that now it’s talked about as much as it is means that we’ve become more consciously aware, and more intentional.

    It’s good for us to talk about self compassion, but it’s even more important to ask what we’re actually going to do about it. It’s important to value ourselves by taking concrete steps that turn that value into action. What will you do to make your compassion for self a reality in your life? This is a question that takes on particular importance as we emerge from the demanding times of the pandemic.

    For some people, it can be an essential kind of self compassion to seek to explore themselves, through a supportive /a-midlife-transition relationship. Whatever you do, make sure that it’s something that reflects a kind and appreciative attitude to yourself.

    I look forward to being back to regular blogging, continuing on themes of hope and resilience, next week.

    With very best wishes for your personal journey,

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