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  • Feedspot: Vibrant Jung Thing is a 2021 Top 10 Jungian Blog!

    Warm thanks to Feedspot for naming “Vibrant Jung Thing” a Top Ten Jungian blog this year!

    Jungian blog
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    Warm thanks to Feedspot for naming VJT as a Top Ten Jungian blog! Here’s a link to Feedspot’s listing:

    It’s a real honour, and it extends the overall pleasure that I’ve found in blogging on Jungian subjects for these last dozen-plus years! The chance to explore our life journey from a Jungian perspective in company with all of you is a never-ending source of new insight and depth.

    I look forward to continuing exploration of topics like individuation, major life transitions and the meaning of key archetypes like the archetype of home for our everyday lives during 2022, and beyond. Allow me to thank each of you personally for reading and reflecting on these blog posts and sharing your own feeling, thoughts and life experiences through the years.

    Jung’s 4 Psychic Functions

    I wish each and every one of you a fulfilling 2022 that will be full of greater awareness, connection with the unconscious and meaning.

    With every good wish to each of you individually for your personal journey,

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