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  • Stress, Anxiety and Basic Trust PART 1: Rooted in Myself

    Roots for vibrant jung thing

    Here in Oakville, Mississauga and the surrounding areas, many people are really feeling the impact of recent economic events.

    There is a strong sense that the last 6-8 months have brought a lot of changes to people’s economic and business situations.  Things are not feeling anywhere near as secure as they did even a year ago.  Recent events have really heightened peoples’ stress levels and their overall level of anxiety.

    In human life, everyone is looking for security.  It may be that I find it in a different place than my neighbour, and that (s)he can take risks in areas that I would not be comfortable with, and vice versa.  But to somehow feel secure and to feel connected in the world is a very basic human need.

    What has become apparent, is that quite a number of things that seemed secure prior to this fall have shown that they weren’t nearly as solid and immovable as we all thought.  My investment portfolio, the value of my house, my job — all of a sudden I find myself less able to count on these things.  And that can be incredibly scary.

    So, what can I count on?  What is there that will not let me down? 

    There are many kinds of security that do help at a time like this.  Connections to friends, to spouses, children, lovers — all bring us a sense of value and of being rooted in the world.  But there is something that is even more important.  That is the connection to Self.  

    To experience the deep connection with my own being, to know and accept who I am and to feel that I myself have a home in the world, that there is a “rightness” to my existence, and that I belong here, in my life — that is the fundamental source of a basicWoman for vibrant jung thing trust in my life.  It’s essential to withstanding the pains and shocks that life brings.  It is only in knowing and accepting who I am — who I really am as opposed to the socially constructed image of the self — that I find a deep trust.  A deep trust, first of all, in my own being, and from that, a trust in my life.

    Therapy cannot do everything, but it can bring a person into more complete contact with his or own fundamental identity.  In a world of uncertainties and anxiety, that is definitely a gift worth having.


    My very best wishes to you on your individual journey to wholeness,

    Brian Collinson

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