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  • 4 Benefits of Psychotherapy for Work Related Stress

    work related stress

    Why would someone get case studies for work related stress?  There are a variety of reasons, but a key consideration is that the stress of work is often so consuming that it involves the whole person.  Because it is concerned with healing for the whole person, case studies can often be the most effective way to deal with problems concerning personal growth and work.

    Four principal benefits that come through case studies for work-related stress are the following.

    1.  Talking with Someone Outside Your Situation Can be Vital

    It can be essential to speak to someone who is outside your situation to gain some perspective on your work situation, and how all the stress and emotional factors are affecting you.  Someone who is objective, but who can truly listen and be emotionally attuned, like a /a-midlife-transition, can be invaluable.

    2.  “Hanging onto Yourself” Makes a Huge Difference

    Staying in a place where you are not overwhelmed by emotional or stress factors at work can be vital.  To gain real insight and help in dealing with potentially overpowering emotional factors can make a great deal of difference for “getting through”.

    3.  Work Related & Personal Stress Amplify Each Other

    Often important personal issues can affect the stress loading at work, and work stress can complicate personal life and relationships.  Good case studies creates an environment where you can understand all the separate factors, and begin to deal with each of them in the way you really want and need.

    4.  Connecting Work to the Direction & Meaning of Your Life

    Work is a part of life, but it isn’t the whole thing.  Work can be fulfilling, but the whole person, the Self, needs more than just work.  Depth case studies focuses on the needs of the whole person, conscious and unconscious, and how a person’s work fits together with, and emerges from, the needs of the deepest personality.  This is an exploration that many people need to make for a meaningful life.

    How Does Your Work Relate to Your Deepest Self?

    What do you want and need from your work life?  Is the stress that your work produces interfering with your sense of well-being, and keeping you from a fulfilling life?  Psychotherapy can open up the way to healing and meaningful connection of your work life with your life as a complete person.

    Wishing you the satisfaction of meaningful, balanced work on your journey to wholeness,

    Brian Collinson, Psychotherapist & Jungian Analyst



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    1. nzou
      January 4, 2012 at 10:09 am -

      every employer should set up a therapy dept for employees to be helped. work related stress is a killer of relationships

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